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Since the invitation (2005) to partner with C.C.A.P. to facilitate HIV and AIDS education in Nkhoma Synod, Malawi Matters piloted progams (2006, 2007), tested courses (2008), evaluated results (2009), and designed models (2010) to train 12 key leaders from 155 congregations in the central region of Malawi. These leaders include: Church Minister, Chilangizo Counselor for boys and for girls, Church Minister’s Wife, Church Clerk, Community Home-based Care Coordinator, Headmaster/Headmistress of Synod-related Primary and Secondary Schools, Men’s Guild Chair, Sunday School Superintendent, Women’s Guild Chair, and Youth Guild Chair.

Following the initial training, leaders in congregations, representatives in presbyteries, and coordinators in Synod will be involved in a follow-up plan to implement church action plans in villages with topics related to the virus and the disease. They will also be involved with locating resources in their area.

Those equipped from congregations will return to their communities to train groups within their churches and villages – thus spreading the message to Nkhoma’s 1.5 million adult members, plus children, youth, and others in their areas. During the training courses, two people were identified as the HIV and AIDS resource people for their Presbytery and mentored into leadership to continue working with each congregation.



[For congregations that have completed "Creative Methods of HIV & AIDS Education" course]


  • Coordinate church action plans with leaders and groups of each congregation


  • Continue instruction on essential topics


  • Connect congregations with local partners



paper bag with people who died

An estimated 48,000 Malawian people have died from AIDS