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Good Will is Spreading

Evaluation sessions with former students and officials of Nkhoma Synod confirmed the tremendous work that has taken place in a short time. For example:

  • David Chilataya of Nkhotakota C.C.A.P. in Mvera Presbytery teaches lessons through creative writing, dance, drama, and music to address cultural practices that promote the spread of HIV.
  • Morris Gwinya of Thumba Presbytery mobilized older adults in Chamatawo C.C.A.P. to plant gardens and cook food to feed the orphans in the village. He organized an orphan’s choir, produced a recording, and uses proceeds from the sale of the CD to purchase food and supplies to sustain these children.
  • Jean Kuchingale of Kongwe Presbytery met with representatives of the 16 prayer houses of Chibanzi C.C.A.P. to share instructional techniques she learned during the “Creative Methods” course.
  • Don Moyo of Mthandiza C.C.A.P. in Nkhoma Presbytery meets with a group of HIV-infected widows each week and connects them with medical services.
  • Emmie Zenengeya of Livulezi C.C.A.P. created a faith-based organization to expand the work in Malembo Presbytery.

Please read about the ripple effect MMI is having in Malawi.

We plan to bring you several successful stories from our past trips to Malawi. Let's begin with the inspirational stories of:

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An estimated 840,000 adults in Malawi are living with HIV or AIDS

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