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Creative Methods | Good Will | Evaluations 1  2  3



Evaluation 2


Chamwavi CCAP


What Was Learned

  • Gifts which were provided to everyone in the Bible can be used to stop people from contracting HIV.
  • People can be taught how to avoid AIDS in many ways such as in poetry.
  • Dances can make people change evil ways which can lead us to carry HIV/AIDS.


Program Usefulness

  • The Bible will be the most thing to be used when sensitizing people about AIDS.
  • Drama will be used for informing people of AIDS.
  • Puppets will be used to teach children about HIV/AIDS in my congregation.


Course Improvement

  • One thing I want to be improved is that only few people have represented their congregations in this course we would have loved many taking part in this course. It is my hope next time pastors from all congregations will take part in a course like this one.


Giving Thanks

  • Thank you our donors for donating funds which will save Malawian people from HIV/AIDS epidemic.


840,000 statistic drawn on paper bag

An estimated 1,000,000 adults in Malawi are living with HIV or AIDS

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